2008 ASIKE Connections

*** At inception, this was called Conversations. This changed in 2018. ***


Dear Sister-Leaders,
We ARE the leaders we have been waiting for!!! What a “Power House” we had indeed!!! We cannot thank you enough for coming together, sharing, learning and committing to making ASIKE Conversations with women leaders of African descent a terrific success. We look forward to working with you in the days to come as we finalize the event summary report and plan for next steps.
May God bless you and give you the courage to apply at least ONE new lesson learned in the coming week.
In Sisterhood,
ASIKE Sisters

“Thank you ASIKE Sisters for hosting such a powerful meeting and thank you Sister-Leaders for showing up and giving of yourself so freely. Please count me in as one would love to be a contributing part of this discourse.”

“Thank you ASIKE Sisters for organizing so well a most empowering event. I learned a lot from the awesome attendees that I can put to good use in the coming months and share with others. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the ASIKE experience.”

“Thank you again for the invite. I really enjoyed this event. It was great to listen to others speak on how they handle the pressures of running an organization/ business. It gave me insight into things that I have done wrong/right and ways to improve. Thank you again for sharing this with me.”

“That was indeed a wonderful and powerful meeting. I have learned a lot about women leadership. Very humbling lessons. Always glad to be around my African sisters. Looking forward to the next meeting.It was very encouraging and uplifting. Looking forward to the next meeting.”

“Thanks for the invitation.Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you.ASIKE sisters you are really meeting a need in the women of today’s life like me. I am glad that when I attend your functions, I get rejuvenated and come away with something new, Idea or perspective. Ideas that money can’t buy, so with Sisters Like you, I know that we can’t go wrong. I look forward to the next conversation Please don’t wait too long.”