Mary Michael Sunday

Date of birth:

Education level: form 2

Partner Organization: Africa’s Children Fund

Her story: Mary Michael is the oldest of five children.  She and her siblings have lived with their uncle since their parents’ death.  Her uncle could not afford to pay for Mary’s education.  Our scholarship provides Mary with an opportunity to attend school.


In August 2011, Africa’s Children’s Fund added tutoring to itsSponsor-A-Child program in Africa to assist children receiving sponsorship to do well in school. Ikot Inyang village in Nigeria is among villages in Africa receiving this service. This program is being supported by Afican Sisters for Information, Knowledge and Empowerment (ASIKE).

Africa’s Children’s Fund initiated the Sponsor-A-Child program in 2001 to assist orphans,  especially those affected by HIV/AIDS to attend and complete school. Millions of orphans are in need of sponsorship. You can make a difference in the life of a child by being a Sponsor.