Sponsor-A-Child (S-A-C)

Our Legacy

What: We firmly believe that the eradication of poverty in our countries can be achieved through the education of our children. Education provides an opportunity for advancement, particularly for the girl child. Educating a girl child is educating her children and the generations to follow. The education of a child in Africa not only brings about positive change for the individual student but for his/her entire family and community as well. To that regard, the primary objective of S-A-C is to provide continuous basic (primary and secondary education to children world-wide, beginning with children from each ASIKE member’s country.

 We continue to work in partnership with in-country grassroots organizations of integrity along with good primary schools to sponsor each students primary and/or secondary education. We receive semi-annual reports that assist us in observing the progress of our sponsored students. Our students graduate from ASIKE’s Sponsor-A-Child Program, prepared to succeed in University, entrepreneurship, the work force or military service.

We raise money for the children’s tuition through the ASIKE Signature Event, grants, donations, etc. The money raised goes directly to this program. We are committed to sponsoring our S-A-C children until they graduate from high school. Each country has a tab where you can learn more about our ASIKE S-A-C children.  

The S-A-C program currently supports 51 children in 14 countries: Barbados, Cameroon, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda, US Virgin Islands, Zambia and Zimbabwe… More to come… Here is our current roster of S-A-C children:

Country Child First Name Child Last Name Partner Organization
1 Barbados Sherlisha Honore Frederick Smith Secondary School
2 Barbados Shakenya Jones St. Christopher Primary School
3 Cameroon Emmanuela Banfegha KUDOC
4 Cameroon Lorantine Leinyuy KUDOC
5 DRC Divine Mazanza PEOMIS
6 Ghana Pearl Boachie OLA Senior High School
7 Guinea Conakry Sayon Camara AME
8 Kenya Charity Katuva Jabez
9 Liberia Facia Smythe Feleta Children Village
10 Liberia God-gift Gwee Feleta Children Village
11 Liberia Esther Flomo Liberian Prayer Vigil
12 Liberia Meldoray Tarr Liberian Prayer Vigil
13 Liberia Musu Cooper Liberian Prayer Vigil
14 Liberia Patricia Barclay Liberian Prayer Vigil
15 Nigeria Dogara Haruna Fountain of Hope Society 71NG
16 Nigeria Favour Utung Fountain of Hope Society 71NG
17 Nigeria Igo Dennis Fountain of Hope Society 71NG
18 Nigeria Jeremiah Aleje Fountain of Hope Society 71NG
19 Nigeria Ozioma Chukwu Fountain of Hope Society 71NG
20 Rwanda Armella Ingabire Maison Shalom Rwanda
21 Rwanda Marry Akimana Maison Shalom Rwanda
22 Rwanda Abia Nsengiyumva Maison Shalom Rwanda
23 Rwanda Anitha Niyifasha Maison Shalom Rwanda
24 Rwanda Sezerano Beracca Maison Shalom Rwanda
25 Rwanda Meganne Irakoze Maison Shalom Rwanda
26 Rwanda Lynca Iryamukuru Maison Shalom Rwanda
27 Rwanda Daniella Nshimirimana Maison Shalom Rwanda
28 Rwanda Ingride Ntunzweniman Maison Shalom Rwanda
29 Rwanda Rosine Muzaneza Maison Shalom Rwanda
30 Togo Abigael Edigbale Rural Children of Togo
31 Togo Clautilde Amevi Gbeka Rural Children of Togo
32 Togo Denise Olobi Rural Children of Togo
33 Togo Rose Amegnaglo Rural Children of Togo
34 Togo Ubertile Azamati Rural Children of Togo
35 Uganda Blessing Aleng Bright Roses Nursery & Primary School
36 Uganda Brenda Watum Bright Roses Nursery & Primary School
37 Uganda John Oling Bright Roses Nursery & Primary School
38 Uganda Peace Lamaro Bright Roses Nursery & Primary School
39 Uganda Rose Lagen Bright Roses Nursery & Primary School
40 US Virgin Islands NanaBaby
41 Zambia Blessing Makwakwa AZA/AZWWI
42 Zambia Chabota Chewe AZA/AZWWI
43 Zambia Charity Mulenga AZA/AZWWI
44 Zambia Elizabeth Chitambala AZA/AZWWI
45 Zambia Febby Mwitwa AZA/AZWWI
46 Zambia Fridah Nsoni AZA/AZWWI
47 Zambia Jane Mukopa AZA/AZWWI
48 Zambia Mevis Kapopo AZA/AZWWI
49 Zambia Mwape Mukopa AZA/AZWWI
50 Zambia Naomi Chabala AZA/AZWWI
51 Zimbabwe Wendy Mabhugu The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe/Kwenda High School

SAC Alumni
Please see the pages that show more about the children.  Thank you!Contact:  info@asike.com; (770) 723-6550

We wish all S-A-C alumni well.

Child Country Organization Year
1 Cameroon Claudette KUDOC 2012
2 Liberia Saydah Liberia Prayer Vigil 2016


S-A-C Future

Each year, we continue to add new students. ASIKE has embarked on a campaign to increase the number of girls in the S-A-C program to 200 girls by 2020. Please support us in this endeavor.

With your continued support we will be able to expand our ASIKE S-A-C Scholarship Program to include more students from other countries. Together we will impact the lives of children, families and communities in these countries and change our world for the better.

We are so grateful to you, our ASIKE supporters for being with us on this journey that is lifting all of us up. Thank you for helping to make the future of ASIKE and our S-A-C students brighter.


Llona W. Speede,

S-A-C Committee Co-Chair

Mary Mwambay,

S-A-C Committee Co-Chair