ASIKE Membership provides an opportunity for you to join the ASIKE sisterhood and to EDUCATE a girl-child in your home country!!!

Thank you for your interest in an ASIKE membership. Ours is a friendly and energetic team and your contribution is important to insure our sustained success and continued growth. Come as you are……young or young at heart, vibrant & snazzy, innovative & assertive, dedicated & determined, trendy & sophisticated….we could go on & on & on.
Join us today and be synergized.

ASIKE Membership levels:

SISTER: Full membership is open to women of African descent by birth or marriage residing in the state of Georgia. Enjoys all membership privileges including the right to vote, become a director and hold office. Dues: $60.

PLATINUM SISTER: Designed for ASIKE SISTER Entrepreneurs to provide an opportunity for businesses to position their organization and offer numerous benefits that serve to enhance corporate and academic recognition among ASIKE membership. Dues: $100.

STUDENT: Designed for ASIKE SISTERS who are pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution in the state of Georgia. Membership eligibility remains valid for up to one (1) year following graduation. Dues: $30.

FRIEND OF ASIKE: Invitation to individuals who are not of African descent. Enjoys all membership privileges excluding the right to vote, or hold office. The standing Board of Directors can waive the payment of dues in private session. Dues: $45.

ASIKE PARTNER: Designed to provide an opportunity for individuals and businesses, whose philanthropic goals align with ASIKE’s, to work together. This partnership is a win-win situation. The ASIKE partner will support ASIKE with fundraising and friend-raising, while association with ASIKE helps the ASIKE partner meet their philanthropic goals. Gift giving levels: Bronze ($1,000), Silver ($2,500), Gold ($5,000), and Torchbearer ($10,000+) levels.

Membership dues must be paid on or before January 1st of each calendar year. Members must be financially active (current on dues) to vote and/or participate in certain events/activities.

Make it a FABULOUS & an EXCITING year by Joining ASIKE today!!!!

Contact us:
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