Annual SHERO Award


Show your appreciation by identifying the SHERO in your life by August 15, 2018. Nominate HERE.

The SHEROes will be recognized at our upcoming Annual Gala Signature Event on September 15, 2018. Click HERE to purchase your tickets now.

Who is Your SHERO?

ASIKE is proud to celebrate the women and girls of African descent who are not waiting for permission to change the world. Through the ASIKE SHERO Award, YOU can honor ANY woman of African descent who has made a powerful difference in your life and in the community.

The ASIKE SHERO (She Helps Everyone Realize Opportunities) is a woman who helps everyone recognize opportunities to create change. She takes risks, she challenges misconceptions and addresses injustice. She is on a mission to build a better world, and ASIKE and its members are here to support her and lift her voice. By recognizing the impact these women of African descent are making as well as sharing their stories with the public at large, ASIKE will help to further elevate and honor these women.


Award Categories:

In line with ASIKE’s 3 pillars – Education, Advocacy and Sisterhood. Shero Awards will be as follows:

Shero of the Year: This Shero encompasses all. She Helps Everyone Recognize Opportunities (SHERO). She is a woman of African descent who, by the way she lives her life, is considered an inspiring example to others. She has either overcome tremendous hardship and risen above her challenges or spent much of her time in service to others.




This shero uses education to empower – teaching, training, and mentoring women to be effective leaders in their respective communities on the local, national and global stage.


This shero uses her voice and actions to build awareness and influence decisions within political, economic, or social systems and institutions on behalf of others.

This shero fosters authentic relationships and celebrates personal and professional accomplishments.

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